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Pre-Collect Letters

Our pre-collect service consists of up to three letters.  The letters will advise the debtors of their outstanding bill from the client, the amount due, and the need to promptly pay the balance to avoid the debt being turned over to a collection agency.  The letters include a pre-addressed envelope with the client's address, so that all payments will go directly to the client.    

Self-Pay Accounts

We offer an inexpensive self-pay account service that removes from the client's staff the day-to-day burden of monitoring these accounts.    


There are many reasons why a person may be delinquent on a debt.  Thus, in addition to being trained to comply with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, our collectors are trained  to work with each debtor individually to resolve the debt and to treat everyone with respect.  However, if a debtor has the ability to pay the debt but does not do so, then we are well equipped to pursue necessary legal action on behalf of our clients.  Our willingness to pursue legal action to collect accounts is key to our success as an effective collection agency.  Thus, our collectors are trained to quickly identify accounts for legal action if the debtor has a job or attachable assets and does not make an immediate effort to pay the debt.  Since we have an in-house legal department, we can file suit (with client approval) in a short amount of time and perform the necessary follow-up, including seeking garnishment orders and filing claims in bankruptcy proceedings.

In addition, we are data‑linked by computer with the national credit reporting agencies and we use on‑line reports (as well as our own database and techniques) for skip‑tracing.  We also have access to Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles database for further verification. 


We operate on a contingency fee system, so the client pays nothing unless we succeed in collecting on an account.  Turns for collection can be by hard copy of the itemized statements, electronically, fax or by turn sheets.



We also are able to perform billing and other administrative functions.  If interested, we would be happy to discuss such services.  We are open to providing such services on a per account or flat monthly fee arrangement.